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Making Unique Engagement Photos

  1. cathie berrey-green. says:

    These are such beautiful and unique engagement photos. I love that they started in their home. So intimate. Another wonderful engagement session by Danyel Stapleton Photography

  2. I love these engagement location tips!  Your engagement photos are always so natural and romantic. I love the very different locations. It makes for such a nice variety of shots. Beautifully photographed and great engagement tips for couples getting married!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Such great engagement session tips!  It’s so important to pick a place that is meaningful!

  4. Sonia Freeman says:

    OOOh I love these engagement portraits!  So unique and such a playful, gorgeous couple!  They seem very comfortable together because they are in a space that is comfortable to them, their home.  Great work and great advice by an expert photographer Danyel Stapleton.

  5. Melanie says:

    This is an awesome post on how to make your engagement photos unique and special to you! I love that a lot of the engagement photos were in their home. It adds something truly special to them and to include their pets in the photos is perfect.

  6. Ariel says:

    A unique location to you makes all the difference to any couple when they take engagement portraits! These are beautiful photos of a soon to be married couple and I’m sure they will treasure their engagement photos for years to come!

  7. All the YES! to this direction on finding a perfect spot for engagement photos! And what gorgeous examples to showcase exactly what you mean. It’s important to know something about their story in order to tell it. Great advice Danyel! 

  8. Amy t says:

    Such great advice!!  Couples may not think their favorite spots are not interesting or pretty enough but a good photographer like yourself can find the beauty in alomist any location. 

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